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TY Dollar Sign ft. J Cole – Purple Emoji MP3 + LYRICS

Ty Dolla Sign has demonstrated himself to be one of the business’ hardest specialists and J. Cole is on to some degree a component binge.

The North Carolina rapper doesn’t usually show up on a yearly premise, yet he chose to give a higher amount of his musical blessing to the world and no one is questioning that at all.

The emoji-selective verses to “Purple Emoji,” their most recent coordinated effort, were discharged a couple of days back and today, the team has officially debuted the new cut.

The track is out now on all spilling stages and after one tune in, you can see that Cole was happy with heading into Ty’s reality for a moment. This is an affection song, which we don’t usually hear the Dreamville veteran bounce on. However, this move is unfathomably strong. We’re wagering that this will be most loved for some this week.


Purple Emoji Lyrics

[Chorus: Take 6]
I need you, more than ever
More than ever
I need you, more than ever
I know that I’m in trouble
I need you, more than ever
More than ever
I need you, more than ever
I know that I’m in trouble
I know I need you

[Verse 1: Ty Dolla $ign]
You know I need you, baby
So much on my mind, I ain’t even really sleepin’ lately
I said some things I didn’t mean, I know I did too much
What’s love if we can’t get into it, turn around and make up?
You kept it solid from beginning, baby, you my day one
You caught me in a lie, looked back up at you like I’m dumb
I had to make you my girl, you ain’t afraid to speak up
No matter where we are, who it is, you still gon’ tee up
Go through withdrawals when we apart, get back together, re-up
You stayed ten toes down, now you can kick your feet up
I had to boss you up, I had to level up myself
I did some growin’ up, I’m doin’ better for myself
But I still need you

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