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Tory Lanez – Cold Hard Love MP3 + LYRICS

Tory Lanez came through with another new single which is titled “Cold Hard Love

Tune in and download Cold Hard Love by Tory Lanez underneath.


Cold Hard Love Lyrics

[Verse 1]So you took a chance with me
Because you heard I’m cool
So let me show you why what you heard is true
And you’re supposed to feel like it’s all for you
And this is what we ’bout to do
I dance around my house to your favorite song
It’s electrifying when you got my t-shirt on
And I wanna touch but I just stay cool
And this is what we ’bout to do

[Chorus]It don’t take a lot to keep it unpredictable
As long as you let me love your heart and touch your soul
And when you give it up to me, you give your all
Cause all that I give in return is
Cold, hard, hard love
Cold, hard, hard love

[Verse 2]Put your records on, hot sex all up in the air
Waking up my fingers all up in your hair
Those eyes you do make my world blue
And this is what we ’bout to do
Now take hold of me baby I feel it too
Never been this far from safe but I won’t hold you
Cause there’s nothing left to hold true

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