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Offset & 21 Savage – Hethen MP3 + LYRICS

Offset and 21 Savage collaborate on this pristine tune titled ‘Hethen‘ cordiality The Weeknd and Cash XO’s Memento Mori appear on Beats 1. For the devotees of the pair, this ought to be a welcome as the melody sparkles enough to cut a collection.


Hethen Lyrics

[Chorus: Offset]
(Hey) ‘Fore I take a nap (Nap), ’fore I go to sleep (Sleep)
Count a hunnid racks while I’m praying on my knees (Racks)
Choppa with 50, wicker make the bitch breathe (Wick)
Never snitching, never switching, nigga, nigga please (Never)
Pouring up the cheese, throwing up a couple P’s (Cheese)
Ain’t going out the side, nigga, you don’t read? (Who?)
Everybody having paper, ain’t nobody greedy (Greedy)
Thotties in the room, after 9 AM, they cannot eat me
I keep talking ’bout her ’cause I’m missing Pistol P’s (Pistol P)
Juju on my shoulder, you a angel, watch the demons (Watch it)
Or I’m in the pity, screaming “Ah” for hyenas (Ah)
Shoulda thought about it, watch your mouth when you see me (Watch your mouth)
Please don’t talk, send them shooters out, pop, beam (Baow)
We ain’t tuckin’ chains, we got too much Aquafina (Ice)
Can’t come up in my trap, at the door, you get it screamin’ (Nah)
When the money involved, it summon all the heathens (Ooh)

[Verse 1: Offset]
Jesus, please speak to me, I need some reason (Jesus)
Can’t see me, it’s a one I’m kissing on the weekend (Clutchin’)
Only got one shot, you want my spot, I come and eat you (Ah)
So much money that the government think we do treason (Who?)
Policin’, niggas pulling up to the precinct (Woop, woop, woop)
Bulimic, diamonds walking through the mall, leanin’ (Ice)
Sleep in the 5 like Kel and Kenan (Bah)
Shit was fucked up, we were stuck in Vienna (Stuck)
Mastering my 40, say she sick, pneumonia (Master)
My flow abnormal, put you in a coma (Rrah)
A stick and stoner, money make me horny (Oh yeah)
Pull up, stake banana cookie in the mornin’ (Cookie)
Money that we makin’ ain’t regular regular (Huh)
Roll up a pack with it, I been smoking on medical (Ooh)
Matching whip, the jewelry with the cars, etcetera (Etcetera)
We go to war, we pull up with the metal up (Boom-boom-boom)
Checks in the jets, don’t trip, change the schedule (Phew)
Lord help me put up, my money up (Lord)
Pulling my strings, strings, get my bungee up (Strings)
I don’t wanna hit the bitch that my buddy fucked (Here)
Rolling up the purple patron, it got a must (Stankin’)
This is loaded, I’m the batter-up (I’m up)
I don’t fold, I just ladder up (Hey)
Different caliber, different algebra (Du-du-du-du-du)
I got, money signs on calendars (Ha)
And your bitch, real fast I handle her (Hmm)
No curing, the Instagram is killing us (It’s killing us)
And I send the nugs, they still tryna finish us (Finish)
My eyes are wide open, I see ’em plot (I see ’em)
I’m fine, I bought the Lambo and bought the truck (I’m fine)
Denied them lies, get you fucked up (Denied)
I’m wise, I get the bag, double up

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