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Music Download + Lyrics: Desiigner – Finesse

Desiigner is back with his most recent exertion, “Finesse.”

His most recent single was created by TrackSmith who conveys a spacey, trap banger for the Brooklyn rapper.

“Finesse” additionally comes outfitted with an open section for his supporters to “go insane” with. Ideally, this is an indication that he has some new music in transit.

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Finesse Lyrics

[Chorus]I like to juug and finesse, huh
I like to get to the checks
Everyday I get the money
I get the money, I juug and finesse
These niggas, they know I’m the plug
Know I’m the plug, I juug and finesse
I’ve been servin’ dope with the lean
Servin’ that act, servin’ that tech
Call me up if you want it, you can buy it
I got percies on me and some bitches wanna try it
She wanna give head, she wanna fuck me, I just wanna rise up
I just want money, I just wanna get it, I just wanna rise up

[Verse]I like to roll up in the Maybach, while I’m drivin’
Thinkin’ ’bout life, [?] this shit, like Coney Island
Y’all niggas wanna ride roller coasters, Coney Island
Had this bitch on a ride, like roller coasters, Coney Island
All this shit be funny, night show, night show, Jimmy Fallon
Look at my shoes, and my jacket, Stoney Island, huh
Look at my ice and you know that shit be blingin’, huh
Look at my gang and you know them choppas singin’
You wanna live my life? You gotta pay that price
You wanna smoke my drugs? We charge Cali price
We servin’ out the mansion, we got choppas in it
My cousin’s hit me up and my lean is swimmin’
I get to that bag, get to that bag, let’s get it
I put my whole trap on and that bring my people with me
I put myself on and them bitches come with it
Banana in her butt, yeah, I had to split it

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