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MP3 + Lyrics: Trey Songz ft. Chris Brown – Chi Chi

Trey Songz collaborates with Chris Brown on this brand new song titled ‘Chi‘. The new track is about the sexual adventures of the two, so it is unquestionably expected for the women.

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Chi Chi Lyrics

[Intro]Got, got it on smash

[Chorus: Chris Brown & Trey Songz](Yeah, yeah)
Pull up in that Bentley GT
Skrrt, skrrt, beep, beep
Girl, meet me in my bed
I’ma go down eat, eat
Ride them chi chis
Know I’ma skeet, skeet (Oh yeah, yeah)
Got me on repeat, bitch wanna freak me
Girl, I know you ain’t from ’round here
Shut up, shut up, make you cum easy
What up? What up? Pussy come easy

[Verse 1: Trey Songz]Yeah, she gon’ make me go insane when I
Kiss your lips, kiss your shit
When you spit on it
Girl, I’ma let you feel that drip, feel that drip
Don’t let overthink or analyze
Swirl that tip, slow motion when I’m inside
Take that shhh
Don’t give me no lip (Yeah, yeah)
When you’re laying on your stomach
And I grip them hips tight
Don’t you think ’bout running from me
When I slip inside

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