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MP3 + Lyrics: Magnito ft. Ycee & Yung6ix – Relationship Be Like [Updated]

Following his arrangement of comic plays ‘Relationship Be Like‘, Magnito uncovers another piece just before Valentine’s day.

Pressure Gang Records songwriter and storyteller, Magnito presents another joint titled “Relationship Be Like” including Ycee and Yung6ix.

Hit-creator, Chopstix created the song. Make up for lost time the few scenes of ‘Relationship Be Like’ on Magnito’s YouTube channel.

Download and tune in below.!

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Relationship Be Like Lyrics

Na everthing she promise say she go dey let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know
I ask for tea, she give me milk, i ask am where milo
And i don order my pizza dey come from dominos

Na so she go dey waka inside house dey carry nose
Zen gan ta tana cin aya da dabino
I was sick and he probably knows
Mai wanan shuru du allah mai probably knows

See eh, at times i go wan divorce
Na me marry am oh but na she wan come be boss
Chopping everyday like say she wan rick ross
I no dey para too much because na in god we trust

Ko wane rana ga nama, da masa, da ganda (hausa)
Bana son ji magana wani shege banza (hausa)
Everything na so so money like na say na bonanza
Me and her go dey talk e go be like say i dey famz her

Am upset, got me upset ahh
Listen to me, listen to me
What you did yesterday was dissing to me
If you don’t trust me then why the f*ck are you with me
This whole beef like bacon to me

Tashi washi ki ke nan tan tani (hausa)
This sleep thing e be like say they take am do me
Am watching not even the police can fool me
Na my bodyguard they wan they take confuse me

Where the guard? i don dey para for the matter now
Ko wana rana sai ye fita, shi da mata na (hausa)
Kira shi ye zo ye fada mun ah gaba na (hausa)
Ya kake bi da wata kama ashana (hausa)

Keep quiet, let the bodyguard explain himself
Your wife born, shey na today be naming sef
If he is guilty, he go use him hand jail himself
Make him talk, make him use him mouth bail himself
Fresh out

I don’t mess around with my clients
I know, am big tall i am a giant (s/o to burna boy)
She talks about her passion & talent
Shes igbo am igbo we speak the same dialect

On a daily she dey see her producer
Who come be the person you dey call her producer
Fair, skinny, got head of medusa
Oga e be like na that person dey use her

Kana sama nin guy e dey use her
Wan nan magana yena warin kama tusa
Za mu shige shi da bindiga da kusa
Oga i don’t know what you are saying but i am with you sir

Whats his name
Hold up, did i just hear you say that
Don’t you know me and yung6ix go way back
I am justing trying to keep the real ones on my radar

Girls and their wahala
Juwhiz zo dan allah
She don run enter room as she see say i dey halla
If i vex i go travel go dey for sahara
She go notice say i be idoma and igala

We plenty e go be like say we wan come fight
He has 2 dogs scooby and the one called bright
Jesu! shey na me dog wan come bite
Shut up, this your padi na one kind guy

Make person quickly order us like 2 taxify
Whats the time? help me check, 2:35
Prophetic if you come i would be too gratified
If you allow me carry gun, i would be satisfied

Calm down, let me answer this call
Hello vj adams, abeg papa me small
I dey vex, i fit use head scatter brick wall
I be your guy, my brother i fit follow you crawl

Wetin happen bro, calm down and talk to me
My girl and 6ix, they wan summersault for me
Oh boy this whole thing be like sa na shock to me
If you reach there magnito, please report to me

Barin in kole kofa ku bar dogon magana
Abeg …. where you keep my purple bandana
You dey accuse me because i don dey keep dada now
Na you be the person wey wear am go cubana

Why did you order cab in the first place
I did it so that all of us would get space
When i para me i no dey fear face
Make we go cos me i no dey fear case

I no wan drive cos i no wan go gaga
Make we no go begin quarrel make i no go drag her
Pass me my other phone make i call larry gaga
Make he send me him boys or make him send driver

Gaga e be like you and people dey bubble
We dey here we just dey do the gaga shuffle
I dey vex cos people dey look for trouble
The way the matter they go, e fit turn to royal rumble

Okay you fit use my suv
I dey cinema na 6 be the next movie
You be magnito na, you no fit dey fear wolverine
Larry gaga you no fit dey fear grooving
Fresh out

Everthing she promise say she go dey let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know
Let me know, let know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know

Yung6ix dey house?
Yes him dey
Quiet place, you no go know say person dey
My side we never see light 13 days
I dey para, shey e no dey show for person face

Have a seat
Forget i am not seating
Call him up, lets have a brief meeting
He would come but let him finish eating
6ix die?
No am still breathing

Magnito tell me why this people gather here
Keep the story short like m.i abaga here
Yung6ix i swear my boys dey para here
We no come for wedding, we no come share ankara here
On a real, i get flight to catch
Lets just keep the story short if e no lead to cash
No valet on the set cos i get things to pack
Comot my front be like i dey see my sis for back

Oh you no tell me say people up
Didn’t even know i dey up dey cool off
Dey watch match man u defence is too rough
The girl i am with inside is my true love

Oh nappy girl you dey with them too
How come our nappy just dey gentle
Bro, because shes meant too
I am her husband na beef we come to settle

Are you serious? wow, jesus, didn’t know
Tell me everything that you guys have been keeping low
Shes my baby na who come be the gigolo
Is it you? or the guy in the green polo

Hey darling who are all these people
sh*t, oh my god isnt that magnito
Its today he would know i am a cheat oh
I dey fear i no wan collect beat oh

Oh isabel isnt that you
So you have a wife isnt that true
Acheww (sneeze) isnt that flu
When you ask for cheese i don’t doubt you

Today na today me i don catch you
Catch you? patience is a virtue
Na me even happy pass for this matter
When i start everywhere go begin scatter

Make i even post, oh my god i need data
Haa, so this is what you do
When you are always going home, what to do
And this is what you do when i have work to do

This matter before now e go involve juju
Involve otumokpo, ma come involve voodoo
Magana da na ke ji nan kaman gudu
The matter don dey vex me now cos your wife too do

Its not 6ix na him dey eat your wife mudu
The problem is shes not complaining about me
When i was saying this some people dey doubt me
Chief like me, magnito, fresh out, proud me

Divorce at once and move on gladly
Sadly, we go all die here
You and who? never, my n*gga stay right here
The whole thing walahi is not a great idea

Nappy girl, pls take it easy my dear
Kar ki zo ki kashe wani nan my dear
This gun has been on my face for too long
Me i no wan die today am too young

We can never find a right in 2 wrongs
Me wey wan chop amala, shaki & 2 lungs
Spring roll with beef and 2 buns

Na everything she promise say she go dey let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know
Let me know, le le let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know

E be like say the bullet enter my collar bone
Gbege don make me loose guard my other phone
I swear to god, that my shawty na vagabond
Aishhh (in pain) nurse give some panadol

Nah i need to clean the dead tissues
Your wife sha, some girls really have issues
Hope no be ak, no na small pistol
E get one visitor wey say e wan meet you

(coughs) i no wan meet anybody baba
Abeg make you help me tell the person make he waka
Juwhiz help me hala basket mouth and my papa
Dan allah ku je ku gasa mun nama ah gwagwa

Basket on the phone, boss i resect you
You go don hear the matter now for street i bet you
Omo them say amaka disappiont you
This matter be like say winchi people haunt you

Boss i gallant like mistibushi
I would pay the medical bills don’t give them shi shi
Call me whenever if you smell something fishy
I wan go shoot i would be back in a jiffy

Na everything she promise say she go dey let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know
Let me know, le le let me know
Now she don dey waka and she no dey let me know

My brother nappy girl don cross the boarder finally
You can’t imagine the pain i am feeling internally
From today me and nappy no be family
Heard from davido, get show for germany

You meant to say in london 02 arena
Who’s driving, dudes driving like a learner
Put on the radio and pop the antenna
I wan divorce i am still in a dilenma

Its vj adams 98.5
I no really know wetin dey do some wives
Magnito accuse 6ix based on lies
But everything thing is settled now, based on guys

Settled ke, when they almost boof me
Prophetic no get levels dey form bruce lee
Bruce lee ko, ambrose ni
I would open the phone line in 1, 2, 3 boom

We have a caller, whats your name, where you calling from
My name is desklushel, i was there earlier on
Tall, beautiful, fresh and i carry bum
Its insane, why magnito wife dey carry gun

Beautiful increase the volume make she carry on
I like magnito and i really like him kind of songs
n*gga has got fire like a dinosaur
Kuma irin wan nan magana da baya so (hausa)

Play me his new song, adebayo chiiii
Give them adebayo chiiii
Pass your phone make i hala ycee
E don tey wey me and my brother man see

E don message me for phone, e dey elegushi
Juwhiz kuna jin nyunwa, wey mene za ku chi
If na abj we go go chop for mabushi
I remember the woman my brother, mama buchi

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