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Jaden Smith – Watch Me (Remix) MP3 + VIDEO + LYRICS

Quickly developing up Jaden Smith conveys one more smooth hip-jump song, “Watch Me (Remix)” giving the 2017 track a different touch.

His remix to “Watch Me” is what could be compared to a case document being re-opened à la Adnan Syed. Maybe a couple is so fortunate to get another opportunity, yet this is Jaden “Indigo” Smith we’re talking about.

The distinction being: the fresher sounding “Watch Me” starts with the sort of power got from an enhanced guitar, though the verses stay unblemished, to save the passionate memory of the songwriting procedure. Things being what they are, the reason go for a considerable length of time?


Watch Me Video

Watch Me Lyrics

 find me up up
 and away (Wooh)
I give a fuck bout your wave (Yeah)
My nigga I surf everyday (Wooh)
Drownin’ my soul in the basement, ayy
I ain’t got much in the bank (Yah)
I got a lot I could say (Yah)
Caught up with goddesses, hey (Yoo)
I hope you forgive my mistakes (Oh yah, yah)
Yeah, run around with a renegade
You should take a seat, save your energy
I try to heal the gash with a band-aid
And the time I need you call your enemies

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