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Danger Incorporated – Twilight MP3 DOWNLOAD + LYRICS

Danger Incorporated just released a song titled Twilight. This song is right available on for your fast download.

Danger Incorporated – Twilight

Danger Incorporated (sometimes referred to as Danger Inc.) is an American hip-hop/R&B duo formed in Atlanta, Georgia, composed of Louie Duffelbags and Boothlord.

Twilight is the 7th track off Danger’s latest studio work,Hackers of the World Unite

Danger Incorporated – Twilight Mp3 Download / Stream

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Danger Incorporated – Twilight Lyrics

[Intro: Boothlord]
Full moon
Team Jacob, oh, she love when I pull up with my dogs
Team Jacob, oh, she touchin’, tryna take my shirt off
Take her back, I hit my dogs and then we pull up to the club
Smell the fear in your blood, afraid to come show me love
Full moon, I might just feel like a wolf in the cut
Go outside into the light like we afraid of the sun
Step up to the gang, like what the fuck are you doin’?
What the fuck are you doin’?
What the fuck are you doin’?
[Verse 1: Louie Duffelbags]
Yeah, yeah
Sparkle like im Edward Cullen, yeah yeah
Babygirl you could be Bella, my Bella
Move that body like a bad girl
But you could [?]
After the party what you doin’ girl?
Come hang with us
No funeral, moving bodies up in the club
Boy you gross, yeah I seen you walkin’ out with no gloves
No emotion, just sweat (yeah, yeah)
No emotion, just sweat
[Verse 2: Boothlord]
Wish I could feel that in the breeze
But when I step up I must be ready to bleed
My shawty stay right next to me
I can’t believe how they pretend they cannot see
And I can’t leave until they leave
We hold it down just like some wolves, we got to eat
Yeah, we came in with some heat
The opposition gotta die, they leave til everybody’s fine
[Outro: Louie Duffelbags]
Ooh, and I know you’re just a creature of the night
Come home, danger gang’s on the front line
Boothlord is a medic, yeah he bring them supplies
Yeah, I got a headache from my phone, no surprise
Every time I look at twitter see that somebody dies
This ain’t the world I wanna live in
This ain’t a fantasy
We some vampires, we ain’t got no curfew
Servants of the darkness

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