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Chris Brown – Parachute MP3 + LYRICS

Chris Brown astonished fans with the declaration that his next album Heartbreak on A Full Moon will be a twofold plate. He likewise shared a conditional tracklist (without highlights) containing upwards of 40 songs.

A multi-day later, another song from Breezy called ‘Parachute‘ has surfaced, highlighting extra vocals from Sevyn Streeter who was once scorched to his CBE name. Sevyn’s most significant hit ‘It Won’t Stop’ in 2013 was additionally with Chris Brown. The energetic Pop song, which is accessible for stream beneath, doesn’t figure in the tracklisting CB imparted yesterday to the world.


Parachute Lyrics

[Verse 1: Chris Brown]
The force of gravity is grabbing me tonight
So I-I’m feeling there’s no ceiling only sky-y-y
When you look me in the eye

[Pre-Chorus: Chris Brown]
When you’re high, my fears are fading
Your atmosphere, you’re making me clear (Woah)
Do or die, but I’ll be brave
As long as you’re here
As long as you’re here

[Chorus: Chris Brown]
Don’t even care if I’m falling down
I won’t hit the ground, I got you
We in the air like a fucking cloud
But I’m safe and sound, here with you
Baby, you’re like a parachute, parachute
Your love is always coming through, coming through
So I don’t care if I’m falling down, I won’t hit the ground
You’re my, you’re my parachute

[Verse 2: Chris Brown]
Take me up so high, so I can feel the sky
Your presence is a present tonight
And girl, you make me believe I can fly

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