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Black Eyed Peas ft. Snoop Dogg – Be Nice MP3 + LYRICS

The Black Eyed Peas are a weird case, one might say. Without a moment’s delay cutting an incredible fabric in the rap game, while all the while having added to the amalgamation of standard hybrid bubblegum hip-jump, The Peas have amassed an incredible intriguing discography.

Not every person can brag having created for Nas and The Game, while additionally setting down vocals on “My Humps” – put something aside for Will I Am. In any case, the Peas name commands regard, and today they’ve by and by coming back with another single for the majority. This time, they’ve brought Snoop Dogg in with the general mish-mash for “Be Nice.”

It’s indistinct whether the new track is slated for an up and coming album, or merely a sparkling light of inspiration during a rough and distressing world. In any case, it’s reminiscent of Peas of yesteryear, getting thematically “Where Is The Love” left off.

Snoop makes a point to present a couple of words, albeit conveyed through voyage control, allowing his quality to express the more significant part of the heap – yet given Snoop’s outstanding reputation, sometimes, stop. Do you appreciate this one and its message? Sound off below.

Black Eyed Peas Ft. Snoop Dogg – Be Nice


Be Nice Lyrics

[Intro:]Be nice
Be nice
Be nice
Be nice

[Verse 1:]I just wanna be happy
I don’t wanna feel nasty
I’m tryna turn my vibration around so I can feel fantastic
I’m talking to myself in the mirror
I’m telling me to, telling me to cheer up
Everyone around got tears of a clown
And it’s so cold like Siberia

[Pre-Chorus:]But I do not want negative energy
If you get what you give, give me positivity (Give it to me, hey)

[Chorus:]Be different, be nice
Just smile, I promise it’ll change your life (Hey)
Be different, be nice
Just smile, I promise it’ll change your life

[Post-Chorus:]Be nice, be nice
Be nice, be nice
The love you give is the love you get
So be nice and change your life

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