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Ace Hood – Count On [World Premiere: Music + Lyrics

Count On” is another drifting single that surface online by “Ace Hood“.

The Anticipation for his forthcoming undertaking “Body Bag 5” Album continues as he drops another hit track.

American rapper, Antoine McColister, better known by his stage name Ace Hood, continue demonstrating his fans the dimension of preparation about his up and coming task.

Ace Hood has been consistently murdering the amusement with every last one of his discharges.

He as of late dropped a free-form 5 days prior titled “In My Bag”.

He drops the new track to the simplicity of weight on the anticipating venture “Body Bag 5” Album.

After leaving DJ Khaled’s mark, he was calm for a bit however returned stronger than at any other time and fans were completely energized.

The hot rapper connects with himself in week by week free-form arrangement as anticipation on his new undertaking.

Ace Hood additionally drop Dropped “Practice” toward the end of last month.

The track is additionally from the similar forthcoming task.

Ace Hood, who was conceived in Port St. Lucie, Florida and brought up in Deerfield Beach, Florida.

Ace Hood was in the past marked to DJ Khaled’s name We the Best Music Group, Def Jam Recordings and Cash Money Records.

His song “Best of the World”, from his presentation studio album Gutta, was highlighted in the basketball simulation amusement, NBA 2K10.

He has discharged four studio albums with his best being his last two albums, Blood, Sweat and Tears (2011) and Trials and Tribulations (2013).

He is best known for the hit singles ” Hustle Hard ” and ” Bugatti “.

In 2016, McColister declared his takeoff from We the Best Music.

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Count On Lyrics

[Intro]Made up my mind a way long time ago
Sure you wrong
Yeah, sure you wrong
The way I’m tryna go
Made up my mind and made some-yeah

[Chorus]Made up up my mind and made some changes a long time ago (Woo)
Everyday I wake I’m takin’ steps the way I’m tryna go (Woo)
I told my girl let’s take a break and have some time alone (Some time alone)
I mix the ganja with the Hen, I’m tryna find the zone (To find the zone)
Lets get that hate up out’cho heart or you may die alone
You put some real ones in your circle that won’t tell you wrong
And when we down in the fourth, I’m who they countin’ on (Who they countin’ on)
It’s a breath of fresh air, I’m who they waitin’ on (They waitin’ on)

[Verse 1]Do you love me or you love me not? (Love me not)
Tippy-toein’, I prefer he keep it G from jump (Uh huh)
Fuck a foreign, shit get borin’ what they speakin’ ’bout
Unlucky people I keep distant, they gon’ leech a lot
Don’t gain no world, but lose your soul but ain’t gon’ preach about it
See I’m the shit, they try to box me like a Porta Potty (Uh uhh)
I’m in that drive, I got this drip, the shit here mesmerizin’
I got that girl that’s in my dreams, it ain’t no fantasizin’
She talkin’ dirty on my line, I’m tryna vandalize it
She say I’m sexy and her panties wet, she think about it
She hit my line ’cause she’s surprised about that bank deposit (Bank deposit, that bank deposit)

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