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21 Savage – Bank Account MP3 + VIDEO + LYRICS

21 Savage Bank Account

21 Savage‘s introduction Issa Album is finally here. The 14-track venture includes beforehand prodded songs like “Close My Eyes” and the Metro Boomin – delivered “Bank Account” just as a lot of new material. The album highlights creation from Metro Boomin, Southside, DJ Mustard, Pi’erre Bourne, Zaytoven, and more. The album’s lead single, “All The Smoke” turned out in June with a blood and guts film – animated video to go with it. The rapper declared the album’s discharge date just seven days back. His ongoing single “All the Smoke” does not show up on the task.

21 Savage discharged two fruitful mixtapes, The Slaughter Tape and Slaughter King, in 2015 He followed that up with a cooperative EP with Metro Boomin the previous summer. Be that as it may, Issa Album is the 24-year-old’s first studio album. He has of late been in the features for his affection life since he was seen out in the open with Amber Rose, 21 Savage’s presentation album Issa Album has dropped. The rapper reported it would arrive a week ago, basically tweeting the album spread alongside the discharge date.


Bank Account Video

Bank Account Lyrics

[Intro]Ooh, ooh, ooh, ow, ow, ow
Wow, wow, ow, ah, ow, ah, ah, ah

[Verse 1]I buy a new car for the bitch (for real)
I tear down the mall with the bitch (for real)
You can’t even talk to the bitch (no)
She fucking with bosses and shit (on God)
I pull up in ‘Rari’s and shit (skrrr)
With choppers and Harley’s and shit (for real)
I be Gucci’d down (Gucci)
You wearing Lacoste and shit (bitch)
Yeah, Moncler, yuh, fur came off a bear, yuh (yeah)
Triple homicide, put me in a chair, yuh (in jail)
Triple cross the plug, we do not play fair, yuh (on God)
Got ’em tennis chains on and they real blingy (bling)
Draco make you do the chicken head like Chingy (Chingy)
Walk in Neiman Marcus and I spend a light fifty (fifty)
Please proceed with caution, shooters, they be right with me (21)
Bad bitch, cute face and some nice titties
$7500 on a Saint Laurent jacket (yeah)
Bitch, be careful when you dumpin’ your ashes (bitch)
I ain’t no sucker, I ain’t cuffin’ no action (nah)
The skreets raised me, I’m a whole bastard (wild)
I bought a ‘Rari just so I can go faster (skrrr)
Niggas tryna copy me, they playin’ catch up (21)
I might pull up in a Ghost, no Casper (21)
I been smoking gas and I got no asthma

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